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For the Horizontally Challenged

By Flora Doone


Though aimed at a teen audience, OAF’s message about bullying, especially of obese people, is delivered with a marvelous blend of sensitivity and humor that will be enjoyed by all ages. The overweight, self-deprecating teen protagonist, Rick, is intelligent, wise beyond his years and so touches readers’ hearts that it’s impossible to not love him. - 


Hilarious and Heartfelt

A riveting book I couldn't put down. It stayed with me long after I finished reading it. You'll laugh, cry, and root for Rick all the way. An unlikely hero who stole my heart, I devoured this book in just about one sitting as Rick navigated the gauntlet of his high school social scene, adjusted to his new "jockstrap" cousin moving in, and ultimately figured out how to become the "fat kid who gets the girl." An original and an authentic portrayal of a brilliant boy struggling with his weight, his homelife, and the love of his life, this is a literary ride worth taking. Particularly refreshing was the unexpected reveal of characters like "The Oak," a football player who makes Rick's life hell, until Rick comes to his rescue. Many books depict high school kids with the same tired tropes, but this is a new take and one that rings true. Don't think you have any one character figured out because they'll surprise you by the end of the book. Author Flora Doone is a fresh voice in young adult books, weaving her tale with elevated language and a sharp wit that doesn't patronize young readers. A fantastic novel for both adults and teens, I'm looking forward to reading more from her.

- Debbie Reed Fischer, Author of This is not the Abby Show, Braless in Wonderland and Swimming with the Sharks.




Semi-Finalist Screencraft's BOOK TO CINEMA contest. 



GOAT CHEESE IN ARLES - One stinky summer

A year in ​Provence meets the middle grade novel in this quirky story. The first in a series of 4 novels, Maggie moves to Arles (where the "S" is silent) with her mom to raise goats. But there are bigger fish to fry when Maggie and her new best friend rescue some ducks from the evil pate empire.


Forrest Gump meets Huck Finn in this tale of a boy's adventure set in the 1950s​. Alex Martin follows his beloved uncle Bobby onto a freight train and meets an old Hobo, John Rich.  Rich takes the boy under his wing and shows him the code of the road, Hobo culture and what friendship truly is.

DROWNING OUT THE NOISE Growing up as a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) has it's challenges and is full of responsibility. Margo, tired of it all gravitates toward the most irresponsible person she can find and spirals downward. A coming of age young adult novel.


The accidental overdose of a young boy causes his friends to scatter into the night, pretending they were never with him. Guilt consumes many of the friends and through several POVs, the story uncovers the pain of loss among his peers and family.

PUNK ROCK MOM (in progress)

Siouxie (Sue) doesn't know who her father is and her post punk rock mother won't tell her. Sue embarks on a quest to find out who Mr. "X" is while employing every device on how to find lost things.

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