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oh yes...about me!


A portrait of the writer as a young woman.

Writing a novel is hard, but writing about yourself is even harder!

I am a CODA. Does that define me? Maybe a little because of the village that helped raise me, the village that contributed to my creative soul. I do believe I inherited the best parts of so many people who I have crossed paths with. I write, paint, dabble in DIY projects (many so many novels and stories), and even crochet. I have lived a thousand lives which I would live over exactly the same way, and have the good fortune of having a family of my own. I hope to live well into my late 90s, dye my hair jet black and wear bright red lipstick. I will be noticed!

I used to write in high school. Poetry mostly. In the 80s I decided I would be the last bohemian painter in NYC, but alas I needed money. When writing came back to me I was well situated in a career but found a revived passion...words. I could tell stories and get lost in the writing until the very last sentence. And once a novel is complete, or I hear a reading of one of the plays I've written (with my amazing playwright partner, Kari Floren), a feeling so worth feeling overwhelms me. And that is why I write.

My love for children's books is vast, but my love for writing plays has become equally amazing. The process of taking one of my existing stories and working with my writing partner in crime, to create a screenplay or stage play is wonderful.


BC, before Covid, we embarked on a truly organic play, THE PAGE TURNER, which was selected in a competition for a reading in February 2020 by "The New City Players".  Needless to say, Kari and I were over the moon and the reading was amazing! Then the world stopped as did any momentum gained. 

In the meantime, my writing partner and I have written a quirky musical and a romcom!

I'm probably one of the few who loved the quarantine because I found my soul again. Whether it was painting, making paper, writing, or baking, I was home. My belief... never stop changing...experiencing...learning...moving forward. Write what hits you at the moment it hits you. Don't worry if someone tells you to stay in one lane when it comes to genres...just do it. Do what moves you and what makes you happy. I know I did and do.

Ultimately, it comes down to this:  Write!


Available for speaking engagement: 

"Finding the story within". A program filled with tips and humor, to help writers and dabblers alike, dig up memories and find the stories that are inside them.  25 minute presentation.


CANDY KID AND THE HOBO KING - Winner - Marshalltown Theater New Play Competition - 2023

THE DISCOUNT COUNTESS - Finalist  (TOP 20) - Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition - 2022

THE PAGE TURNER- Selected by the New City Players for their staged reading series at ArtServe - Fort Lauderdale - February 21, 2020

THAT GORGON GIRL - Semi-Finalist (top 6) - 2019 PlayFest Santa Barbara Competition, promoting original new plays

OAF - For the Horizontally Challenged -  Published, YA novel, November of 2018

OAF  - For the Horizontally Challenged - Semi-Finalist Screencraft Cinematic Book Contest 2018 

THE DISCOUNT COUNTESS - Winner of the 9th Annual Writer's Network of South Florida. First Place Short Story - 2007

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